Integrate digital experiential marketing to your business

GoMixApp is a platform for the creation of experiential marketing applications. These applications can be used at conferences, business events, exhibitions, and museums, and can also be used for creating animated, interactive sales presentations and many other purposes,

Easy customization with
drag and drop editor

Application's Content and design can be customized through a user-friendly editor. Many ready made application templates that can be integrated with only few clicks.

Choose your app platform

Off-the-shelf responsive applications can be operated in all operating systems: Windows, iOS, Android and the devices: smartphones, tablets, touch screens or browsers.

Easy content distribution and permissions management

The distribution of the content updates is being done automatically. When the application will be opened, it will download all updates to the local device.
Manage your content with a user-friendly control panel. The content is shared with different permissions between the people that works in the organization.


Statistical analytic reports that shows how your marketing content is being used: when, by who, for how much time and where.

Offline use

All marketing application (iOS, Android and Windows) can work offline without a continuous internet connection. GoMixApp marketing Apps will synchronize data once it will be connected to the internet: upload its usage statistics & leads that were collected and update its content.